Welcome to Aquapriva

Aquapriva is a new and unique swimming and wellness center concept that can be build at suitable metropolitan areas around the world.

Imagine living in one of the metropolitan areas of the world like New York, Moscow, Mumbai or Tokyo and wanting to go for some swimming, sauna, relaxing and having fun, with your family, friends or colleagues – and with them only!

That is what Aquapriva is all about – an affordable private luxury, whenever you want.

Aquapriva consists of (eight) separately rentable private wellness areas with a swimming pool, a hot tub whirlpool, a sauna and an integrated café inside a surrounding building with a public restaurant, a shop, a beauty and wellness center and optionally other enterprises.

According to our research, nothing even close to Aquapriva exists. If you don't own a private pool or sauna, you can't do your wellness program in peace and private company only.

water massage

The unique features of Aquapriva are

  1. The exclusive rental concept
  2. The circular arrangement, which connects all private wellness areas to only one central café and catering area, which can thus be run by a small crew only
  3. The surrounding public restaurant, shop and other enterprises
  4. The resulting sales and turnover concept

The targeted total costs for the first Aquapriva is 15 million €.
(Calculation may vary by country and desired components.)

The targeted EBIT is 3,4 million €.
(Calculation may vary by country specific energy and labor costs.)

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The Aquapriva core concept

Aquapriva consists of 8 separate wellness-areas, which can be booked online in advance for 2 hours or more.
In the center is an integrated café and catering area with 8 counters.
At full capacity, about 640 bathers are expected in 8 shifts each day, or 230,400 bathers a year.

Surrounding the inner private areas is a public circular path with a restaurant, a shop and a beauty and wellness center (and optionally other enterprises, depending on the outer building size and type).

core concept
Example of a basic outer building (photomontage)

The proposed components for the wellness areas

  • Swimming pool of at least 12 x 5 meters
  • Hot tub whirlpool
  • Sauna
  • Integrated central café and catering area
  • Sound system with selectable ambient sounds (Max. volume electronically limited)
  • Switchable underwater sound
  • Selectable lighting modes for hall and swimming pool in the form of light, projections and monitors
  • Deck chairs and seats
  • Showers, toilets, hair dryers
  • Alarm switches for an emergency
  • Real plants
  • Free WiFi access

Optional components

  • Pool for Kids
  • Water massage jets
  • Water slide
  • Countercurrent installation

Extras available upon prior registration and with additional charges

  • Decorations, such as candlelight, flowers, dry ice fog, kids birthday, etc
  • Special catering requirements
  • Personal wellness trainer
  • Individual massage
  • TV (for instance to not miss an important sport event)
  • Individual, even unusual special requests where possible

The integrated central café

  • Great-looking café area with bar stools and seating area
  • A team of 3 waitresses or waiters serves the guests in the 8 wellness areas:
  • Selected wholefood snacks and beverages in different price ranges, but at least one affordable offer in each category
  • Fine coffee and tea specialties
  • Fresh Fitness drinks starting from freshly squeezed orange- and other fruit juices to »cocktails« with wheat grass, spirulina, acai berry etc
  • Fresh Fitness sandwiches and burgers, fresh salads, fresh fruit salad and cereals
  • For security reasons no alcohol here

The public restaurant

The public restaurant offers the same range of healthy drinks and snacks as the central integrated café, plus breakfast, a selection of menus and alcoholic beverages.
Current newspapers are available for free reading and there is a free WiFi access.

The public shop

The shop sells practical items such as bathing accessoires and cosmetics, fashion, as well as different beautiful, luxury, or artistic items.

The public beauty and wellness center

The public beauty and wellness center offers a well sorted variety of individual massage and beauty treatments.

General target groups

  • Everyone who likes to go to a pool, sauna or solarium in good company
  • Everyone who has something to celebrate, such as birthday, graduation, anniversary, etc

Special target groups

  • People who like to swim in peace or privacy for various personal reasons
  • VIP's
  • Couples in love
  • Clubs
  • Meeting groups
  • (Big) Families with small kids
  • Overweighted people
  • Yoga, health and wellness groups
  • Nudist bathers
  • Religious groups (monks, nuns, muslim women)

The site

The site for the first Aquapriva is of central importance. Since there are no comparable figures, to be on the safe side, a metropolitan area with more than 4 million inhabitants in the immediate vicinity of 20 - 30 km should be chosen.
With 4 million inhabitants, statistically each inhabitant must only come once every 16 years in order to achieve the full capacity of 230,400 people a year. (Tourists and bathers from further away cities not yet included.)

In places like New York, Tokyo, Mumbai, Beijing, Los Angeles, Moscow or London, Aquapriva would be definetely running risk free at full capacity all year round.

Water treatment, heating technology, solar energy

There are many advanced and environmentally friendly technologies out there nowadays and we are striving for the best solution within our budget. Which technology will be used will be decided at a much later stage, but an environmentally sound concept is favored by us, and will also be good in advertisement.

Security concept

  • The use of the facility my be permitted from 2 persons onwards only
  • The maximum number of allowed persons may be limited to a certain number according to the size of the wellness areas.
  • There are several panic buttons to call a trained lifeguard
  • In each shift there are always 2 security people and 1 lifeguard
  • The swimming pool could be equipped with a non-recording (pixelated) surveillance camera
  • The entrance to the hall is possible only with a valid password, but there is also a bell on the access door for the forgetful
  • There are everywhere at least 2 possible emergency exits

Advertising ideas

Editors from TV-journals, major magazines and newspapers, as well as major internet magazines and bloggers will receive a personal invitation with a voucher for 2 hours and 10 people, which can be redeemed at any time in exchange for a report.

Online photo display of special und unusual events and decorations like a conference or a marriage in Aquapriva.

Open questions

What are the safety regulations in the country? In Germany for instance public swimming pools must be supervised by appropriately qualified personnel according to the DGfdB Directive 94.05.
Here is yet to be determined, if for instance a video surveillance is equally permissible, or whether the obligation to monitor the pool area can be transferred fully or partially to the tenant.

Are there any grants from the government for creating new jobs?

Are there cities or projects which will indicate their interest in Aquapriva by providing an interesting construction site or special conditions?

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The Aquapriva core design

The circular arrangement around a central café and catering area is a fixed part of the core design, because this way the café and catering area can be run in all pools simultaneously with just a few waitresses or waiters.

The number of 8 areas is ideal in terms of space and revenue, but could also be different, for instance to make some larger areas if there are any good reasons.

For a cost effective building and for keeping the online booking simple, we suggest to equip every area with exactly the same components, which may vary only in details according to the budget.

Below are some preliminary 3D preview pictures of a single wellness area:

core concept
Preliminary rendering – All rights reserved
core concept
Preliminary rendering – All rights reserved
core concept
Preliminary rendering – All rights reserved
core concept
Preliminary rendering – All rights reserved

The interior design

The interior design could be completely luxury, stylish and even different for each or only a few areas.
For example one area could be designed in a maroccan style, one in a Hundertwasser or Gaudi like Style, one in a zen like asian style and so on.

Visitor level

  • Main entrance
  • Public restaurant
  • Public shop
  • Public beauty and wellness center
  • Circular pathway
  • 8 individual wellness areas

core concept
Example of a basic outer building (photomontage)

Technology level

  • Delivery
  • Warehouses and logistics
  • Easy access to pipes and electric lines
  • Water treatment systems
  • Internal paths and rooms
  • Ambulance access

core concept
Aquapriva technology level

Details technology level

Level 1 is the heart of the system, all technical installations, internal paths for employees, covered access ramps for deliveries, storage rooms, etc. are located here.

  • All roads at least 2 m wide
  • Industrial floor passable with electric forklifts
  • Steel protective edges at critical corners
  • Space for 19 or more rooms of about 5 x 6 m and bigger for technology, logistics and recreation, built supporting or lightweight according to static requirements
  • All roads and rooms clearly marked in detail
  • Short internal ways for cleaning crew, security and lifeguard
  • Room color white, illuminated by LED's if possible, regular arrangement of glass panels on the outer edge to provide some daylight
  • Central elevator partly of glass, some space between the elevator and the spiral stairs to gain some daylight from above
  • Thermal insulation from the ground or if existing, a car parking level, through a granulated glass foam layer. (Load 500 kN/m²)

The inner building

The inner building is technically a round reinforced concrete building, with the technology level, the visitor level and an optional management level.
The management level could be up to 30 m in diameter and it could be rented out for private conferences.

The inner building can also be placed on other levels, to encompass a car parking level for example.

Surrounding the inner building is an independent circular wooden path with 4 adjacent corner buildings in wooden structure. The 4 corner buildings include a restaurant-café, a shop, the entrance and a beauty and wellness center.

No details are worked out yet. Updates will be posted on this website.

The actual private wellness areas are highly thermally insulated to cost-efficiently maintain a constant high level internal temperature.

core concept
Profile view of the inner building with management level on top and optional car parking level

The outer building

The outer building or shell can be variable, for instance a square or dome type, depending on the individual desires and the budget. Aquapriva can also be integrated in other construction concepts.
A building of 70 m x 70 m is needed to encompass the inner building and a basic squared type construction is included in our 15 million budget.

core concept
Example of a basic outer building (photomontage of an existing building)

Feng Shui and Vastu

Since the inner building is already arranged like a mandala or yantra, we think it would be a good idea to also apply some Feng Shui and ancient indian Vastu principles for the overall forms, directions and color combinations.
This doesn't cost any significant amount, but could help a lot in creating a positive atmosphere of wellness, plus it would be a good advertisement.

The Aquapriva team has a lot of creative ideas for the interior design and we are planning to work out some detailed design concepts in the near future.

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An imaginary visit to Aquapriva

Aquapriva is open from early morning to midnight and optionally even 24 hours.

The entrance into the outer area with restaurant, shop and the public beauty and wellness center is free, but is permitted only after buying a prepaid electronic bracelet with a free choice of a bonus from 10 to 200 €.
(Unused balances will be refunded on exit to 100%.)

After buying the electronic bracelets, the guests enter the circular path. On the path are the entrances to the booked wellness areas, some art objects, the outdoor restaurant, the shop and the public beauty and wellness center.

girl in pool

Everything is attractively designed, with a lot of wood and green plants, so that bathers like to stay here for some time before or after their bath and also non bathing guests will like to come here.

The electronic bracelets can be recharged on all payment counters inside, the deposit amount may be viewed with the help of various installed scanners. In the shop cash payment is possible due to some higher-priced items, otherwise all payment is made electronically.

Access to the booked wellness areas

Admission times and group name are shown on a screen next to each door. At the entrance and in the restaurant there are screens with a time schedule overview. 5 minutes before each new shift a time signal could be given to remind people.

The new password to open the door automatically enters into force for the time booked and the guests can enter with the password. The number of actual visitors is automatically counted via Rfid by the electronic bracelet on entry.

Guests enter through a shoe area into the (20) changing rooms. Inside will be a small locker for valuables. From here one enters barefoot into the freshly cleaned wellness area.

If they have booked for 2 hours they have exactly 2 hours and 15 minutes before the next group enters.

Now they can use everything freely, turn on some music, change the light, take a shower, sit in the hot tub, swim in the pool, or use the sauna.

The integrated cafe is at their service whenever they want, with a well sorted variety of fine coffee and tea specialties, fresh fitness drinks and some wholefood snacks.

After 1 hour and 50 minutes, the lights gets dimmed and a pleasant voice announces the end, asks the guests to leave, and tells about the arrival of the cleaning crew in exactly 10 minutes

After 2 hours the cleaning crew enters the room and begins their work. (Empty bins, wipe clean tables and toilets and check everything.

Another 10 minutes later (exactly 5 minutes before the next scheduled group enters), there is a final announcement to leave the hall. The security and ⁄ or the cleaning crew will check that all are out in time.

After the bath

Now everyone is refreshed, the kids are probably hungry, so why not enter the public restaurant with it's delicious wholefood specialties for a cosy conclusion of the visit?
Quite a few will shurely go there.

Are your public pools also looking like this?

A visit to Aquapriva will be really pleasureable and relaxing for everyone. No hassle, no crowds, no noise, no anxiety about where your kids are, just pure wellness.

There is a worldwide potential for Aquapriva.
Please visit your local swimming pool for further convincing arguments.

crowded pool

Picture: Spa Resort Hawaiians, source: flickr.com/photos/ptrktn

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The booking website

The booking can be done online via a browser, smart phone or tablet PC
The booking website is to be very well designed, so that a reservation can be done with a few clicks in a short time and with minimal inputs. To ensure this, usability tests should be carried out with casual internet users of different ages.

  • (Select language)
  • Select Aquapriva location
  • Select date and time
  • Choose extras
  • Give a password
  • Make payment

Payment is to be done in advance for the hall including 10 people, for booked extras, plus 50 € reserve for up to 10 possible further guest entry fees.
A freely chosen password will be assigned for the hall.
A cancellation is only possible by paying a cancellation fee. Infos about cancelled areas will be automatically send by email and sms to interested persons.
The standard booking can be done for maximum 90 days in advance.

VIP booking

1 or 2 halls are reserved (except early morning and late night times) for short-term appointments (VIP reservation) by raising (doubling) the booking price. Free VIP halls will be reduced to the regular price one or a few days prior. Infos about the newly available normal priced halls will be automatically send by email and sms to interested persons.

Booking by phone

Instant reservation for free halls on the same day should be possible via phone by an immediate transfer a non refundable deposit.

General booking should also be possible by phone, if a suitable direct payment method is available.

Optional feature

Sharing a hall to get to know new people:
People can rent a hall, specify interests or conditions, for example to meet other single women, vegetarians or yoga practitioners, etc.
Interested people can then make direct contact with the main tenant and may be invited via password sharing.

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Investment in Aquapriva

Aquapriva is a unique concept for the top metropolitan areas of the world.

We are looking for someone who understands the potential of Aquapriva and turns it into his own profitable business. All we want is a fair share for the concept, not more, not less. We are open for proposals.

Note that all following calculation is done in Euro, but can probably be converted 1:1 to currencies with a similar value, like the US-Dollar or GBP, when Aquapriva is build in a country using these currencies.

Construction costs

Targeted construction cost: 15 million € consisting of:

  • Commercial plot of land of at least 6,000m² or 65,000 SqFt: 1 to 2 million €
  • Estimated construction cost: 13 - 14 million €

Construction costs are estimated for an attractive and functional building, while considering construction costs and payback period first. If however the building itself should set already architectural standards, these numbers are of course irrelevant.

Annual Sales concept overview

Targeted annual sales: 6,32 million € consisting of:

  • 2,47 million admission fees
  • 1,15 million integrated café (at 5 € revenue / person)
  • 0,20 million bookable extras
  • 0,20 million VIP booking (Details under Booking)
  • 2,30 million public restaurant

Annual operating cost overview

Anticipated annual operating costs: 2,92 million € consisting of:

  • 1,68 million wage
  • 0,24 million water costs
  • 0,10 million electricity costs
  • 0,30 million purchase of goods for the café
  • 0,60 million purchase of goods for the restaurant

Targeted EBIT

3,4 million €

Admission fee details

The proposed entrance fee is 10 € per person for 2 hours.
A non-refundable minimum number of 10 entry fees has to be paid in advance upon booking.

On weekends and holidays the entrance fee could be raised to 12 €.
Each additional person pays only 5 € extra. (An incentive to lower the average price by inviting more friends.)

Mon - Fri: 255 days x 64 dates x 100 € = 1,632,000 € ⁄ year
Sat Sun Holidays: 110 days x 64 dates x 120 € = 844,800 € ⁄ year

Total admission fee sales at full capacity = 2,477,000 € (without additional persons)

Integrated cafè details

The goal is to bring the sales up to 5 € (and beyond) per guest by offering high-quality fitness drinks, fine coffee and tee specialties and assorted wholefood snacks.

Public restaurant details

The goal is to attract at least the same number of guests to the restaurant as to the booked wellness areas. This could be a mixture of bathing guests who extend their stay and non-bathing guests who just come here because of the atmosphere and the good healthy food.
230,400 guests that spend 10 € each for food and drinks will amount to 2,30 million revenue.

The public shop

The shop could become a substantial source of income also, if the line of goods is carefully selected.
We didn`t add the shop to our calculation yet.

The public beauty and wellness center

We are still researching this at the moment, but we can already say, that it has a great potential when properly done. We didn`t add this operation to our calculation yet.

Details operating costs

Estimated water consumption: 60,000 m³ per year consisting of:
Shower and toilet: 230 000 guests x 200 liters = 46,000 m³
Pools (including water change every month) 10,000 m³
Café & Catering 1,000 m³
Restaurant: 3,000 m³
These add up to 240,000 € at a cost of 4 € / m³

Estimated power consumption of lighting, catering, etc: 400kW/h / day x 360 = approx 144,000 kw/h = 17,280 € (at a cost of 0,12 €)
Estimated power consumption of heating energy and water technology: 650,000 kw / h = 80,000 € (at a cost of 0,12 €)
Estimate is based on average values of existing pools of 1,300 kw / h per m² of water per year. Since the entire building and especially the swimming area is planned to be built with high thermal insulation, the consumption values could be significantly lower.

Details labor costs

Staffing needs and shifts
5:30 to 0:30 = 19 hours = 3 shifts of 6,5 hours.

Per shift:
1 lifeguard (if legally sufficient)
1 technician (also multi-purpose staff)
3 Café Catering
2 cleaning staff
1 main cash desk
2 Security (also multi-purpose staff)
6 Restaurant
1 Shop

Per day:
1 gardener (also multi-purpose staff)
2 extra cleaning staff (General cleaning at night.)
2 Management, Purchases

Total: 56 jobs at 2500 € average = 140,000 x 12 = € 1,680,000 € ⁄ year.
Note: There may be different reasons to split these jobs into smaller units (part time jobs).

Details proposed operating hours

2 halls from 06.00 / 8.15 / 10.30 / 12.45 / 15.00 / 17.15 / 19.30 / 21.45
2 halls from 06.15 / 8.30 / 10.45 / 13.00 / 15.15 / 17.30 / 19.45 / 22.00
2 halls from 06.30 / 8.45 / 11.00 / 13:15 / 15.30 / 17.45 / 20.00 / 22:15
2 halls from 06.45 / 9.00 / 11.15 / 13.30 / 15.45 / 18.00 / 20.15 / 22.30
Swimming time end: 00.30 am*

*In very big and busy cities, opening hours may even be extended to 24h a day, which will result in further income.

Cleaning crew

By shifting the dates by 15 minutes a 2 person cleaning staff is sufficient for ongoing operations. Each cleaner has sufficient time (15 minutes) for a hall. (Empty bins, wipe tables and clean 3 toilets)

Note: All estimations on energy consumption, operating and construction costs are based on diverse publicly available figures and may differ significantly according to the country.
A detailed review of these numbers by qualified architects, auditors and by tendering is therefore still outstanding.

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We'd love to hear your feedback, constructive criticism and enquiries.

Please contact us first via email and use an email address of your company.
We try to answer all incoming emails within one business day.

About Aquapriva

Aquapriva is a startup, founded to do research on the Aquapriva concept and to find investors.
The Aquapriva concept was developed by Thomas Koertge and is a protected proprietary design.

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There are no jobs at the moment.
This may change however in the near future.

Are you are an experienced architect, engineer, water technician, etc.?

If you are an expert in one of the fields needed for planning, constructing and running a project like Aquapriva and you got something relevant to say, offer or sell, please don't hesitate to contact us anyway.

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